Six Years Sober

17 Jan

Can you believe it?!

Six whole years and two years since my last post.

It is unthinkable to me how far I fell into the clutches of alcohol, how inescapable it was, how powerless I was to resist its siren call.

And yet, and yet, through hitting rock bottom and combining faith with action in AA, everything changed for good.

To say life has been an emotional rollercoaster every since is an understatement, but being sober has enabled me to embrace this crazy human experience and really feel it all. If I were to write down what has happened thanks to my 6 years of sobriety I don’t think I’d believe it. Love, success, contentment, stability, devotion, curiosity, being able to weather the storms. Of course there have been periods of fear, anger, depression, anxiety, ill health, doubt, insecurity and countless other maladies, but nothing is more wonderful than to wake up after an evening consumed by these powerful feelings with a clear head and a hopeful soul.

I will always be eternally grateful for this blog, this community I unexpectedly happened across in 2013, this space which carried me through my darkest days and gave me the material facts I needed to say the words: I am an alcoholic and I need help.

For those who are struggling, I beg of you; keep trying, there truly is light at the end of the tunnel. 6 years ago after so so many failed attempts to stay sober, something clicked and I haven’t drunk since. Keep showing up and knowing it is possible for you too.

X x x xx x x x

2 Responses to “Six Years Sober”

  1. Ainsobriety January 17, 2020 at 5:39 pm #

    Congratulations!! I often think about you when I open WordPress!
    6 years is awesome. You are awesome.

    It is shocking what can happen in that time. My own list is pretty dramatic, lol. Yet here we are, still sober. And knowing that’s step one.

    I wills you an uneventful next year of sobriety!
    Stillness and peace,

    • FitFatFood January 18, 2020 at 4:00 pm #

      Thank you lovely Anne- it was so nice to see your name pop up here and remember all the times you bathed me in wisdom and support :))

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